What is that on my hotel beach?

So you are probably wondering what is all that brownish stuff at the beach shore and why is there so much of it…

It’s called Sargassum, which is basically sea weed (but don´t try it with your sushi, trust me). It mainly comes from the Sargasso Sea, a región of the North Atlantic Ocean which contrary to every other sea, it is not bounded by land but by ocean currents.It spreads approximately 1,100 km (638 miles) wide by 3,200 km (1998miles) long and it’s located close to the Bermuda Triangle.


Sargassum is deposited here by the surrounding currents creating a huge brown mass, yet the ocean water below it is distinctive for its deep blue color and exceptional clarity, with underwater visibility of up to 61 m (200 ft).

It’s considered to be a dangerous and misterious spot in the Bermuda Triangle as due to the calmness towards the center and the absence of winds has pretty much created a sailboat cemetery.

But, why is it in my hotel beach? You may ask, and why don’t get rid of it?

Up until 2011, no one in Cancun and the Riviera Maya had seen such a large amount of sargassum being thrown out by the ocean. Although it generates some discomfort for visitors and has a very particular smell, it is necessary to keep our beaches from running out of sand. This seaweed pretty much traps the sand and makes it more resistant to swell and wind.

Local authorities cleaning the beach

This seaweed invasion it’s mostly coming from the East, UNAM’s biologists are still unsure of the cause for such a large amount has been thrown out but they believe it could be due to an increment of nutrients in the ocean caused by the rising temperatures throughout the globe.

If your hotel beach has been taken over by this weeds, you may want to consider visiting a few of the beaches that have not been affected by it such as Isla Mujeres, Cozumel and Isla Blanca.

Isla Blanca (1)
Isla Blanca Beach

Have a look at some of the options that we offer so you can enjoy a sargassum free day at the beach.

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