Pirates in Cancun airport, how to avoid them?

We have received reports from clients and from other transportation companies regarding “Pirates” or scammers at the airport offering transportation pretending to be from the company that you hired.

Here is how they work:

If for some reason you do not see your Canada Transfers greeter (or other company you may have hired), they see you looking for someone and very politely offer to help.

They know that we and most reputable companies have staff at the airport at all times, but there are moments when we are helping other customers, that we need to leave the area for a couple of minutes.

They must act fast so they ask you for your voucher and offer to call the office for you, they will even offer to dial from their phone, they pretend to dial the company but in reality, they call an acomplice, hand you the phone and the person on the line will tell you that either your transportation is gone or that it will take over an hour to get there, so they advise you to take a taxi and pay for it telling you that we or the company you hired will reinburse you the next day at the hotel.

At this point, you have been scammed.

How can this be avoided?

In al lof our confirmation vouchers are instructions on how to find us and show pictures of how we look like, most serious companies do this as well so you know who to look for.

If the person at the airport is not wearing the uniform representing the company that you hired, do not accept any help and if you do and the person offers you to call, make sure you dial the number that is in your voucher and dial it yourself.

If you do not have roaming but you can connect to the airport’s WiFi, contact us via LiveChat on our website, we are live 24/7.

We are constantly reporting this issue to airport authorities and hopefully will end it soon, meanwhile, we will do all we can so you don’t fall in their hands.

Our staff wears navy blue pants, long sleeve white shirt and a blue tie with maple leaf pattern.

Canada Transfers Airport Staff
Canada Transfers Airport Staff


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