Should you bring USD, CAD or Pesos to Cancun and Riviera Maya?

Should you bring USD, CAD or Pesos to Cancun and Riviera Maya?

Most of our customers ask us if they can pay in USD, CAD currency or if they should bring Pesos to pay for services.


We accept all three currencies but most establishments will only accept USD or Pesos, so what to do?


The best option would be to go to your local bank and change some money there, they will most likely have the best exchange rate and some of them will even deliver your currency to your home. Keep in mind that if you live outside a major city, the bank may need to order the currency from their brand office and it may take a while for the cash to arrive, so plan ahead and call them before hand.


You can also wait until you get here and either go to the bank, which will offer probably the highest rate, or look around for a money exchange booth, they all have different exchange rates but most of them will be better to exchange it at the hotel.


If you are going shopping and don’t have any pesos left, go to your hotel’s front desk, their exchange rate is lower than the banks but it will be much better than paying for your souvenirs in USD.


Please do not exchange your money at the airport as they offer the lowest exchange rate and you will end up losing some dough.


Whatever exchange rate you see on Google, or any other online financial company, does not apply here.


Every single stablishment have its own exchange rate, being a bank, supermaket, souvenir shop, all rates will be different.


If your currency is either Euros, Sterling Pounds, Yens, Rubles, Rupees, try to change it back home to Pesos or USD before you travel. Euros and Sterling Pounds are accepted at most banks and some exchange rate booths but most establishments will not accept any other currency.


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If you have any Pesos left at the end of your holiday, you can change it back at home with your local bank to ge the best rate, however, they will probably not accept any coins, so try to bring back only paper money.


If you are eating out of your All Inclusive resort, consider a 15 to 20% gratuity for the waiter (depending on the service of course), he will split it with the bar and kitchen, they will gladly accept Pesos but everyone loves those green bills.


Do you have any advise for exchanging money?

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