Winged Warriors of Ek ‘Balam

Winged Warriors of Ek ‘Balam

Many mythologies mention the presence of winged beings, even the Mayan civilization has representations of these mysterious beings, which until this day we have not been able to unveil the mystery. Were they angels, extraterrestrials, or the Mayan gods themselves?


In the year 770, the sovereign Ukit Kan Lek Tok ‘, assumed the power of the city of Ek B’alam at age 30. The records call him “Jalomté”, which could be translated as “a king of kings”. Although many of the details of his reign are unknown to us, we know that he was a very powerful ruler, proof of this are the objects discovered in his tomb, almost 7000 jade objects, beautiful shells and ceramics as well as a very strange gold pendant from the Oaxacan jungles as well as the very detailed decoration of his tomb.

Winged Warrios of Ek Balam

It would seem as the entrance to his tomb resemble the jaws of a jaguar (Ek ‘Balam means Black Jaguar) devouring the bodies as they cross to the underworld as well as the representation of a macaw, which the Mayan believed existed since before the sun was created. There are also corn cobs representing the cycle of the corn, as it dies to be reborn as a new plant as they believed that Ukit Kan Lek Tok’ would do as well being a son of the corn to serve as spiritual sustenance to his people. This tomb is considered to be a divine temple and possible one of the most imporant ones, the “temple of creation”.

There are also these winged beings that popular tradition has called “the angels of Ek ‘Balam” or the “winged Warriors of Ek ‘Balam”.
In most ancient cultures, there are symbols or energies that can be attracted, repelled or represented by hand gestures. The Viking runes or the sign that Christians make with their hands when crossing themselves, for example. The Mayans also knew these “magical passes”: At the top of the tomb we can see, on the right side, a mysterious being representing this sign with his hand the glyph “Mih” of the Mayan symbols that represents creation.

What or who are these winged beings guarding the tomb of a Mayan King and what do they represent?

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