The Most convenient Supercenters in Cancun and Playa del Carmen.

Which are the most convenient Supercenters in Cancun and Playa del Carmen for your groceries

Each day increases the number of tourists who come to stay in houses or apartments (B & B) in Cancun and Riviera Maya, instead of staying in hotels.This results in people having more freedom and comfort where they stay. Usually these places are equipped with all the services that the tourist needs.


This means that the tourist needs to know which are the best supercenters to make their groceries, where they can find everything they need at the best prices.


In Cancun you have the following supercenters that are the most recommended for your groceries.

WAL MART: It is similar to the stores in USA and Canada, and they have a good selection of items. Prices are comparable to US prices.

SUPERAMA: This is a small and quiet supermarket with a special selection of food and beverage products.

SAM’S CLUB: Your Sam’s Club Card Works in Cancun and Playa del Carmen, They take USD dollars, and you can find some different items.

CHEDRAUI: This is an excellent supercenter to make your groceries and the best of all that is located in the Hotel Zone of Cancun. They accept dollars.

COMERCIAL MEXICANA: This is one of the most traditional Mexican supercenters, with great variety of items and good prices. They accept US dollars.

SORIANA SUPER: This is a convenient supermarket for your groceries located in the hotel zone of Cancun at the Kukulkan Mall. They have good prices and a wide variety of items. They accept dollars.

LA EUROPEA: This is one of the best known gourmet and delicatessen chains in Mexico. Among its extensive catalog of products are wines of all the denominations of origin, the best Mexican tequilas, and mezcales. Whiskey, rum, cognac, brandy and many other liquors. They accept dollars.

In Playa del Carmen you find the same chain of Supercenters than Cancun.



If you have your transfer with Canada Transfers, we have the option on your arrival to make a stop at any of these Supercenters in Cancun or Playa del Carmen, before you get to your accommodation. Contact us for more details.


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Holbox Island Lodging

A little about holbox

The name of Holbox means in Mayan language Black Hole. This island belongs to the state of Quintana Roo, it is located on the north coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. Its particular location between the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea, makes the island a strategic point for the reproduction of marine and coastal fauna.

Today Holbox is part of the biosphere reserve and protected area of flora and fauna. It is a natural refuge of several species in danger of extinction and observation.



How to get to holbox.

If you are in Cancun or Riviera Maya and you want to visit Holbox. You can hire a carrier, renting a car, taxi or local bus to Chiquila which is small fishing village and the place where you take the ferry to cross to Holbox. The ferry is running every hour from 6:00am to 9:00pm.


What to do in holbox.

Holbox is a peaceful and picturesque island that invites to rest and contact with nature. Among the activities you can do and enjoy are: Swimming with the Whale Shark, Visit the Flamingos in Passion Island, Kayak through the mangroves, Visit the ecological reserve, Watch the spectacular sunsets and enjoy the delicious regional seafood.


Holbox Island Lodging.

The lodging in Holbox is varied and with accessible prices for all budges. You can find 4 stars hotels, villas, cabanas, hostels, or even the same local people renting their own houses in the village.;label=gog235jc-reviewscity-XX-mx-islaNholboxNmx-unspec-mx-com-L%3Aes-O%3AwindowsS10-B%3Achrome-N%3Ayes-S%3Abo-U%


Holbox is a natural paradise to be visited and scape from the noise and the crowds of the great tourist places.




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Mexico, World class tourism destination

Mexico is a world-class tourist destination that is located within the top 10 most important tourist places in the world. This segment of the national tourism industry accounts for 8.5% of GDP. In 2015, there is a record figure in the influx of international tourists, surpassing 32 million passengers, with a spill of 17,500 million dollars. More than nine million jobs were generated and the best world-class events were organized, such as formula 1 and the NFL’s first season of professional football.



Mexico has diversified and segmented its tourist services due to the new needs and preferences of the new markets of travel agencies. Among the most prominent are beach tourism, business tourism, cultural tourism, gastronomic tourism, ecotourism and adventure tourism among others.




40621026. Chichén Itzá, Yuc.- Kin, el dios maya del Sol dividió este día en dos de manera simétrica la legendaria pirámide de El Castillo y con ello anunció la llegada del solsticio de verano, así como la presencia del día más largo del año. NOTIMEX/FOTO/JUAN MATÚ CHALÉ/COR/HUM/



Cancun 1.3 millions of tourists

Riviera Maya 1.3 millions of tourists

Los Cabos 400,000 tourists

Puerto Vallarta 277,000 tourists.



During the first two months of 2016  5.6 million international tourists were received. This is the highest number of the first two months of any year and an annual growth of 10.8%

83% of tourists arriving in Mexico do it by plane.

The 54.2% who arrived by air come from USA

The foreign exchange generated by international travelers in 2016 in the first two months was 3 thousand 297 million dollars surpassing those of the first two months of 2015.


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