Cancun International Airport, what you have to know

Cancun International Airport, what you have to know

All airports in the world are created differently. If you plan to visit Cancun, Playa del Carmen or The Riviera Maya, you have to arrive to Cancun international airport. This airport is located 10 miles from the city of Cancun, and is considered the second most important in Mexico due to the number of visits it receives from international flights. This airport operates 71 airlines, offering 110 destinations. Here we give you some information about the most outstanding of this airport.

terminal 2 Cancun Airport
terminal 2 Cancun Airport

Formerly, the Cancun airport was very small, but currently has three terminals. Terminal 1 is for charter flights and private flights, terminal 2 is for all national and some international airlines. Terminal 3 is international flights only.

Terminal 1 Cancun Airport
Terminal 1 Cancun Airport

If you do not have the reservation of your transportation for your hotel, you can take a private or collective taxi from the airport or take the ADO bus that is in the terminal 2. These buses leave you in the center of Cancun and Playa del Carmen. If you want to hire your services of transfers before arriving, you have many options to book it on line. One of them is Canada Transfers which is a well know carrier.
When you go through immigration you will be given an FM-T or Tourist Visa. Do not lose it because, you will need it to leave Mexico. In case you lose it, you will have to pay a fine.

Mexico travel documents - Tourist Visa
Mexico travel documents – Tourist Visa

The airport is not responsible for baggage or goods deposited in the aircraft. If you are missing a piece of luggage or it is damaged, you should contact your airline directly. The airport cannot solve these problems.

Lugagge at the Cancun Airport
Lugagge at the Cancun Airport

Some of the services provided by the Cancun airport facilities include the attention, reporting and car rental modules such as Advantage, Avis, Budget, Alamos, Buster and others. Along the two terminals are the currency exchange offices, ATMs, Public telephones, WIFI services as well as restaurants and bars. In the terminals 2 and 3, there are shops which sell tax-free items. Some of the others services that stand out inside the airport are pharmacies and medication service.
There are also easy access facilities for people with disabilities from bathrooms and wheelchairs to others.
The airport has a large parking area that runs throughout the day. This service has a cost per hour. Inside the airport there are not hotels, however there are some near it. There are buses or vans that can take you there.
It is very important that you know that inside the Cancun airport, there are tourist information desks, but they really are people that hook you to sell you condominium membership. The trick or hook they use to call your attention is give you information on excursions at economic prices, which are conditioned to visit the hotel to promote and show your credit card. We advise you NOT to stop to talk with them, and leave immediately, to look for your transportation which takes you to your hotel or hire it in case you do not have it.

We hope this information has been useful and and important for you.

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