Archaeological sites not so known in the Riviera Maya

In the state of Quintana Roo. where the Riviera Maya is located, there are archaeological zones not so well known and, therefore little visited that are part of the architectural vestige of Mayan culture. The most known and visited in the state are Tulum and Coba. The first with an average of visits per year of more than one million people and Coba with 600,000 visitors a year. The least known and visited are:

SAN GERVASIO: These ruins are located on the island of Cozumel and was a sanctuary of the Mayan fertility goddess “Ixchel” and the Mayan pilgrimage center that visited her to worship.

EL MECO: It is located in the municipality of Isla Mujeres on the Puerto Juárez road. The original name in Maya language is not known. . It was a point of reference for coastal navigation and for the interior of the adjacent lagoon. Its strategic location in front of Isla Mujeres makes it a port of connection with the Island.


XCARET: It was the settlement of a Mayan community dedicated to maritime commerce and an important port of navigation towards other coastal entities. It was also a ceremonial center of great importance. It is located inside the park that bears the same name.

EL REY: It is located in the hotel zone of Cancun at kilometer 18. The original name in Maya language is not known. It was one of the main ports on the Caribbean coast along with the ports of Xcaret, Xel ha and Tulum.
It is formed of 47 structures and murals with drawings associated with Mayan rituals. After the arrival of the Spanish, the place was abandoned by the Mayans.


SAN MIGUELITO: This archaeological zone is second in importance after the El Rey ruins. They are located at km 16 of the Kukulkan boulevard. In these ruins is located the Mayan museum of Cancun, which exhibits numerous pieces about the Mayan culture.


XEL HA: had a great maritime importance, as well as direct access to arrive at Coba that at that time was one of the most powerful realms. Its building of the birds has painted murals, and there is a painting of a jaguar welcoming the place. The ruins are located within the park that has the same name and the cost to visit them does not include the services of the park.

To know these interesting places we recommend that if you are in Cancun you can take the local bus from the hotel zone that takes you to the ruins that are located right there. If you are in the Riviera Maya you can take the bus from the Playa del Carmen bus terminal to Cancun. Also if you travel in a group or family you have the option of hiring a private van that gives you the comfort of looking for you where you stay and the convenience of doing it at the most convenient time for you. For the ruins that are in Xelha or Xcaret you can do it in the same excursion that you hire to visit these parks that are very beautiful. Canada Transfers is a private transportation and tour company that can help you to choose the option that suits you best.

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A port full of life: Puerto Morelos

Puerto Morelos is a quiet and friendly fishing village that is located 22 miles from the city of Cancun. Its bohemian atmosphere and full of tranquility on its beaches and its streets, attract visitors from all over the world, many of which have made it their home. Certainly when you visit it will also seduce you with its charm of natural beauty and hospitality.

HOTELS: The lodging in Puerto Morelos has a variety of offers for all budgets ranging from guest house to luxury all inclusive hotels.

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RESTAURANTS: Puerto Morelos restaurants during the day offer a variety of fresh fish and seafood located on the beach. During the night you can choose among many restaurants, cafes and loncheries located around the main square.

ACTIVITIES TO DO: The coast of Puerto Morelos is part of the Marine National Park, which makes it ideal for diving and snorkeling. Fishing is also an important activity with a lot of marine fauna. There are also many ecotourism excursions; Mountain bikes, ziplining through the jungle, exploring the cenotes or getting to know the local wildlife.

THE CENOTES ROUTE: This route is made up of 26 miles of road connecting the towns of Puerto Morelos-Central Vallarta-Leona Vicario. Along this route you access to several cenotes, which are nourished by underground rivers. Almost all of them can be visited and swim in its waters surrounded by a lush jungle. In this same route is an ecological recreational park that has zip lines, bicycles and access to a cenote.

ZOOLOGICO DE CROCODRILOS: One mile from Puerto Morelos is a crocodile farm of various species and sizes. Also in captivity can be observed boas, deer, spider monkeys, ocelots, being possible to interact with some species.

HORSE BACK RIDING: Three miles away is a coastal ranch where you can go horseback riding in the jungle and coast.

ATV’s: In the town of Puerto Morelos you can rent four-wheelers and take the route along the route of the cenotes.

CYCLING: Whether in the jungle or in the village you can do mountain biking. Since vehicular traffic almost does not exist.

FISHING TOURNAMENT: This is held every year at the end of May and is a high-level fishing tournament.

MUSIC FESTIVAL: In the house of the culture of Puerto Morelos frequent festivales of music are realized in the main square.

THEATER FESTIVAL: Every year during the month of April there is an international theater festival in front of the sea, organized by the house of culture.

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Akumal, Land of Turtles

Akumal in the Maya language means turtle land and is an important habitat for these marine species. When diving or snorkeling are practiced at this place you can observe these animals. During the spawning season, the turtles come out to the beach to lay their eggs, this is a unique sight not to be missed.


In addition, Akumal is the ideal place for lovers of tranquility and pace with its quiet beaches and an atmosphere of total relaxation.
If you have not visited this place yet but, you have heard of it and its turtles, do not think twice and dare to meet it. You will not regret doing it.
At the pier there are excursions that are offered to the visitor to swim with the turtles. Or if you prefer to do it on your own, you just have to wear your life jacket and your snorkel gear, and swim about 100 meters offshore that is where the turtles are.


To get to this place you can do it either from Cancun or Playa del Carmen at the bus terminal or you can rent a car. There are companies that offer private transportation for groups or families. One of them is Canada Transfers which is very well known and reliable.

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The 7 most famous beaches to enjoy in Cancun

The Mexican Caribbean has stood out as one of the favorite places for national and international tourism. Cancun is one of these places that in addition to offering all kinds of services and fun, its beaches provide for the visitor the recreation and rest they seek in their vacations. There are many beaches along its coasts, however, there are 7 that stand out for their location and services.

The Cancun hotel zone, has 22km of beaches, and has the form of a 7. It is divided into its open sea area and the bay area where the currents are quieter and without much waves.

PLAYA DELFINES: (the viewpoint) It is characterized by having big to strong waves. It is located at the highest point of the hotel zone, which turns it into a viewpoint from where one can appreciate one of the best views of the caribbean sea and the lagoon. Very crowded by locals.


PLAYA MARLIN: It has waves of medium to large and has services of restaurants and bars.

PLAYA GAVIOTA AZUL: (the city) It has medium to large waves and has a beach club with a cost that includes the services of dressing rooms, showers and swimming pools.



PLAYA CARACOL: It has moderate to large waves and has a beach bar service and several shops with different options to buy.


PLAYA TORTUGAS: It is characterized by having small waves. It has a pier with a lot of activity of boats that go on a trip to Isla Mujeres and a ferry for those who want to travel on their own to the Island. Very crowded by locals.

PLAYA LANGOSTA: Small and quiet waves, and this nice beach has restaurants, shops and bars. Very visited by local people.


PLAYA LAS PERLAS: Small waves, gentle breezes and little crowded. Very calm.


To know these beaches and if you are staying in the hotel zone of Cancun there are local buses working the 24 hours and the cost is very economic. If you come as a group or as a family you can hire the services of a private van to take a tour of all of them and know more places of interest. One company offering these services is Canada Transfer.

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