Private Excursions in  Cancun and Riviera Maya.

Private Excursions in Cancun and Riviera Maya.

Most tourists prefer a Private Excursion in Cancun and Riviera Maya,  due to the comfort and flexibility of the schedule, compared to the shared excursions. There are some companies which are specialized in this type of service. Among the most outstanding; Canada Transfers is highly recommended. The advantages of our private excursions are:

You have an exclusive vehicle for you and your companions.

You have a professional and bilingual driver.

You decide when to return to the hotel.

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The most popular Private Excursions in Cancun and Riviera Maya recommended are:

Chichen itza and Cenote Private Excursion: It is one of the main archaeological sites in Mexico and one of the most representative and renowned vestiges of the Mayan culture. Enjoy the Cenote for swimming and cooling.

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Cenote swimming Private Excursion: The Riviera Maya is plagued by natural holes called Cenotes. The interest and the pleasure to submerge in its waters has increased among the tourist who visit Cancun and Riviera Maya.

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Tulum and Cenote Private Excursion: Tulum is one of the most cultural attractions of the Riviera Maya due to its walled city and spectacular view of the Caribbean Sea. Also visit and enjoy a Cenote to refresh you after the heated walk in the ruins of Tulum.

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Xcaret Private Excursion: You will visit the most famous Eco Theme Park, where you will find underground rivers, grottos, aviary, snorkel, beach, an spectacular Mexican night show and a lot more activities available.

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Xel ha Private Excursions: Enjoy an unique experience with its amazing coves, cenotes and ponds in the middle of a breathtaking landscape, one of the most beautiful in Cancun and Riviera Maya. Enjoy this snorkeling paradise, with variety of fun-filled activities.

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Canada Transfers offers all these options and more with an excellent quality in the service of our staff.



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Transportation options in Cancun

Cancun and the ways you can be transported.

You can find many transportation options in Cancun. This city is a major tourist attraction with a daily influx of tourists looking for all the options available to be transported in, and around the area. Below we offer you the different options that fit your budgett and convenience.


transportation options in Cancun


Transportation options at Cancun airport

From your arrival to Cancun international airport, if you do not have your shuttle service to the hotel, you will find authorized and safe taxi services that have their rates set depending on the distance of the area where you hotel is located. You also find a bus line called ADO that for a cheaper rate will take you to the city of Cancun or Playa del Carmen. This service is shared and subject to established schedules. If what you need is a private service that gives you the advantage and comfort of a person receiving you at the airport and arranging your private transfers to your hotel, then you can hire this service online prior to your trip through one of the many carriers companies. One of them which stands out above the others for the quality and safety in its service is Canada Transfers. (check our rates).

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Transportation options in Cancun hotel zone.

Once installed in your hotel, you have the option to use taxi services. All the hotels have this service available 24hours. These prices depend of the distances and the place where you go. Normally all the hotels have a blackboard with posted services rates. If you are looking to move to any point of Cancun in a more economical way, then you have the option to use the local buses that provide 24 hours service for a fee of 10.50 Mexican pesos. This rate is fixed and per trip, no matter the distance you go.

If you want to transfer by your own in a independent way and convenience, then you have the option of renting a car. Most hotels have this service with different models and promotions.

transportation options in Cancun


The bicycles rental is an option of recreational transport to cross the hotel zone which has a cyclopista. There are hotels which have the service of bike rental or the concierge can tell you the nearest point to hire this service.

Private transportation to visit parks and pyramids

If what you need is a transportation that will take you outside Cancun to visit the parks or archaeological sites, without any excursion. Then we recommend hiring the private services of a van that give you the comfort and flexibility on the schedule. Our services are suitable for groups or families. ( We are a carrier with experience in handling these services.

transportation options in Cancun


As you can see the transportation options in Cancun are varied and suited to your budget. We hope these tips help you to choose the option that better suits you.


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Tulum ruins, everything you need to know.

Here is some important information about Tulum ruins.

Tulum ruins is famous  and visited every year by thousands of tourists. It is the only archaeological zone in the peninsula that is located at the edge of the sea. It is 82 miles away from cancun and 39 miles away from Playa del Carmen. It is name means walled city and was considered as an important seaport for navigation and commerce. It has predominantly warm humid climate and with altitudes lower than 100 meters because of its coastal character.

tulum ruins


We recommend  that if you visit this place on your own, try to arrive early to find less people and enjoy more the place and its beaches.

The archaeological site of Tulum ruins is open from Monday to Sunday from 8:00am to 5:00pm (the last access is at 4:30pm). The entrance has a cost of 65 Mexican pesos. It can be access with a bathing suit and towels for swimming on the beach, but is not allowed to access with food or large bundles.

Do not miss admiring the spectacular view from the cliff that offers the Caribbean Sea with the hue of its turquoise.

tulum ruins



Bring sunscreen and mosquito repellent. The sun is very strong most of the year and also the existence of mosquitoes. A bottle of water is important to avoid dehydration, due to the strong humidity of the place.

It must be considered that from the place of arrival at the entrance of the archaeological zone, there is a distance of 1km approx, which can be walked on foot or by small train which cost 20 Mexican pesos.

tulum ruins

You are advised to carry cash, as very few places accept credit cards.

The entrance to the archaeological zone of Tulum ruins has to be paid in pesos, as they do not accept dollars or euros.

You can hire a guide to know the history of Tulum more thoroughly and know all the details. If you are few people to pay a guide, look for others who are interested to share the payment of the guide and be more economical.

Outside the archaeological zone you can rent bicycles that are very cheap, to visit the village and the nearby beaches.



TRANSPORTATION. There are trips organized by travel agencies which you can hire from your hotel or for agencies websites that will take you to Tulum combined with some other place.

If you want to visit Tulum on your own you can do it by taxi from your hotel checking the rate before using the service to avoid abuses. There are also ADO buses that make trips from the Cancun terminal or Playa del Carmen. Just make sure you go to the archaeological zone and not to Tulum village.

If you want to visit Tulum through a private van service to have the convenience of leaving from your hotel with not hurries, and scheduling your own schedule. There are different carriers companies which will provide you this service. One of the highlights for the quality of its services is Canada Transfers( offer you our services from Cancun or anywhere in the Riviera Maya.

Enjoy your visit to Tulum.

tulum ruins

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5 Beaches to do Snorkel in The Riviera Maya.

Snorkeling is an activity for beginners.  We recommend the 5 beaches to do snorkel in the Riviera Maya. It is possible to practice even if you don’t know how to swim because it is mandatory to wear a life jacket and will be accompanied by an instructor guide covering areas of calm and shallow waves. The beaches of the Riviera Maya are characterized by the fact that besides enjoying them for bathing or sunbathing, you can also take a trip to the reefs located near the coast and practice snorkeling.

Next, we list the 5 beaches to do snorkel in the RIviera Maya to enjoy them and practice the activity of snorkeling.

PLAYA MAMITAS: This beach has witnessed many musical events with famous artists. It has also been the scene of the Jazz Festival and the BPM festival held every year.

las mejores playas

AKUMAL: It is a small town in the Riviera Maya. Its name means Land of Turtles. At the bottom of its waters is one of the most important reefs so, you can also practice the snorkeling activity.

las mejores playas

XPU HA: Located in one of the most isolated places of the Riviera Maya. This is a beach with low waves and wide sand, which makes it convenient to practice kayaking and enjoy a trip to the reefs.

las mejores playas

PUNTA MAROMA: Recognized as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, it has modern hotels respecting the natural environment. You can also enjoy its charms and practice snorkeling.

las mejores playas

PLAYA PARAISO:  It is located near the archaeological zone of Tulum and is one of the most beautiful of that place. It has an intense turquoise blue color, fine white sand, and low waves which makes it suitable for snorkeling activity.

las mejores playas


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