Name and Coat of Arms of Cancun.

The name Cancún comes from the Mayan pronunciation kaan Kun, and there are two versions on the meaning of this word, the first version means nest or pot of snakes. This is the official translation and the second version that is less accepted is place of the golden snake. The reason for this second possibility has a more artistic approach and is because the Cancun area has the form of a 7 seen from the air and at dawn appears the shape of a golden snake given the reflection of the sun.

The Cancún and Benito Juárez municipality shield was created by Mexican graphic designer of Mexican origin José Vera and is divided into three parts: the blue color is by Caribbean sea, the yellow symbolizes the sand finally the red by the rays of the Sun.

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Interesting facts about Cancun

There are Interesting facts about Cancun that is good to know. It is located in the state of Quintana Roo, in the Yucatan peninsula; this great tourist destination is part of the grand Mayan civilization and because of its importance at world level is considered as the entrance to the Mayan world. This territory is characterized by the infrastructure, modern entertainment centers that are constantly renewed, flora, fauna and a wonderful philosophy of service among others that rival holiday destinations around the world.


Other Interesting fact about Cancun is that it was created specifically for tourism purposes in the mid-60’s, and managed to satisfy with Riviera Maya about 15 million tourists a year.

Its origins date back to 1967, when the Mexican government recognizes the importance of this region for tourism purposes, due to its year-round warm weather, astonishing natural beauty and of course easy access, in a short time was the best option of the country.

Undoubtedly this paradise does not disappoint any kind of tourist, apart from rest and entertainment we can highlight adventure tourism and sport, so that only in Cancun there are 5 golf courses, part of the second largest coral reef of the world, is world renowned for snorkeling and deep diving in the sea, cenotes and underground rivers.

Cancun comes from the Mayan word kaan kun, which translates to snake nest, is located more than 1800 km from the country capital and is the most populated city in the state of Quintana Roo, with about 1 million inhabitants. Its large scale development dates back to 1974 and has 22 km of hotel zone located between the Caribbean Sea and a lagoon. Official foundation April 20, 1970.

Cancun International Airport is the second most traveled in the country after the capital, has 3 terminals and receives flights from all over the world, highlighting the United States, Europe, Canada and South America.

Coordinates: 21g 09’38’N 86g 50’51’O


City: Benito Juárez

Population 2010: 628306 hab.

Postal Code: 77500- 77530 Lada: +998

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Spectacular nights in Cancun

Nightlife is a collective term used to refer to any popular recreation or entertainment activity that is available from dusk or night until the early hours of the morning. Cities with warm weather nights, with coasts or beaches, are recognized as the best nightlife for the large number and variety of night clubs availables.

Cancun Nightlife
Cancun Nightlife

Cancun is located in this category and has a night life among the most famous in Latin America. Whether it’s live music or DJ mixes, the party is available seven days a week. The spring break season between March and April significantly increases the influx of tourists especially young students to these fun places. Most of the nightclubs in Cancun are in free bar mode. The following are the most popular places that are recommended on your next trip to Cancun.
COCO BONGO: It is the most popular nightclub in Cancun, for locals and visitors, with an acrobatic and choreographic show in homage to films and famous artists of international stature. It has free bar mode.

CocoBongo Cancun
CocoBongo Cancun

MANDALA: It has been placed as one of the most popular to have music with the hits of the moment and an atmosphere inspired by oriental cultures. Its modality is free bar.

Mandala Cancun
Mandala Cancun

THE CITY: It’s a huge nightclub with a capacity for 5,000 people. It has a powerful team of lights, huge video screens and music of different genres.

The City - Cancun
The City – Cancun

PALAZZO: It is one of the newest places in Cancun. The glamor and the high quality service distinguish it from other nightclubs in the Mexican Caribbean.

Palazzo Cancun
Palazzo Cancun

DADY’O: It is one of the most prestigious nightclubs in Cancun. Making a spectacular combination of music from the 80’s, 90’s and hits of the moment. In addition to offering a great show of lights and sound with a DJ in charge of bringing the party to the limit.

Daddy O Cancun
Daddy O Cancun

MR. FROG’S: It is a famous bar in Cancun that offers a family atmosphere for lunch and entertainment during the day and at night it is a party place for young and old with karaoke, contests, dance and open bar.

Señor Frogs - Cancun
Señor Frogs – Cancun

PLAZA SOLARE: Located in the city of Cancun, in the area of the boardwalk in front of the bullring. With a more relaxed atmosphere of nightlife. It has karaoke, botaneros and live music by rock and pop bands.

Plaza Solare Cancun
Plaza Solare Cancun

If you are somewhere in the Riviera Maya and want to know these nightclubs in Cancun, especially if you come in a group of friends or family you can hire the private service of a van that takes you from the place where you stay with comfort and trust that you deserve. There are many companies that offer you this service. Canada Transfers is one of them. Dedicated to this service for a long time which makes it highly recommended. We are ready to transport you to the Spectacular nights in Cancun. Contact us!

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Regional saucers in Riviera Maya

Regional saucers in Riviera Maya

Reginal saucers in Riviera Maya are one of the most culinary attractions when you visit this place  Cancún and Riviera Maya are two  important tourist destinations and they have a wide culinary offer, coming from all cultures, especially spanish and indigenous, and even merged among them.
The heritage of Mayan cuisine with its unique mixtures and species of flavors and textures are what give origin and identity to the dishes of this tourist region. Below we list the main dishes highly recommended for their taste and originality.

PANUCHOS Y SALBUTES: It is the equivalent of the southeastern taco, which are handmade corn tortillas, which can be accompanied by chicken, egg, beef or pork, served with lettuce or cabbage, avocado, tomato and purple onion. The panucho is the one who carries the ground beans inside the tortilla and not the salbute.




COCHINITA PIBIL: It is the best known and favorite dish of the visitors. It consists of pork pieces marinated in achiote, sour orange juice, garlic, cumin, salt and pepper, wrapped in banana leaves and put to bake. The typical thing is to cook it in an oven underground. It is accompanied by tortillas, habanero chile, purple onion and lemon to taste.

Cochinita Pibil
Cochinita Pibil

SOPA DE LIMA: This dish is prepared with shredded chicken, toast and lime juice. The recipe is very simple and the taste authentic.

Sopa de Lima
Sopa de Lima

PAPADZULES: They are corn tortillas soaked in a pumpkin seed sauce, and stuffed with boiled egg and bathed in a tomato sauce, with chile habanero and onion.


TAMALES COLADOS: They are called so because their mass is passed through a strainer, acquiring a very smooth consistency. The most typical are stuffed with shredded chicken and are accompanied with tomato sauce on top. Also of habanero chile if you want more spicy.

Tamales colados
Tamales colados

HUEVOS MOTULEÑOS: They are a typical dish of the city of Motul (Yucatán). Made with eggs, fried tortilla known as toast, black beans and a garnish made with a sauce of tomatoes, ham, peas, banana and cheese.

Huevos Motuleños
Huevos Motuleños

CEVICHE DE CARACOL:The raw meat of the mollusk is softened with a flat stone. Cut into small pieces and bake with lemon and then add onion and chopped tomatoes. Chile also chopped or bottle sauce to taste.

Ceviche de Caracol
Ceviche de Caracol

TACOS DE PESCADO: There are both, grilled and breaded fish as well as shrimp. They are accompanied with lemon, habanero, and garnishes of mayonnaise or garlic and even with tomato or chipotle chile without missing the purple onion and salt to taste.

Taco de Pescado
Taco de Pescado

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How to arrive to Isla Mujeres and to do on the island

This island is located 8 miles from the coast of Cancun and its named is because this island was dedicated to Ixchel the Mayan goddess of fertility and the moon, which received offerings with female figures that were deposited on its beaches. When the Spanish conquistadors arrived and observed the figures, they named Isla Mujeres.
This island is very visited mainly for its beaches, and the calm and cordial atmosphere of its inhabitants, besides its diverse attractions.

Isla Mujeres
Isla Mujeres – North Beach

To visit the island there are different types of organized excursions. These can be by boat or by catamaran. At both you have snorkeling activity and lunch and drinks included. Thera are packages too for swimming with dolphin at the island.
If you want to visit the island by your own without any excursion, there are two departure ferry docks named Ultramar located in the hotel zone of Cancun.

Ultramar - Dock Isla Mujeres
Ultramar – Dock Isla Mujeres

These ferries leave every half hour from 8:30am to 5:30pm. One of the dock name is Playa Tortugas and the other is El embarcadero. If you are staying in Cancun you can get to these piers by taxi or local buses. If you are in the Riviera Maya you can contact a transportation company to receive a quote that give you the service to the pier. One of these companies is Canada Transfers.
Take a boat ride to take you to know the points of greatest interest. These boats are available during all day and you can hire them directly at the pier. To know all the corners of the island and observe its local life, nothing better than renting a golf cart, motor scooter or bicycle and enjoy the tour.

At the pier you can hire a guided excursion to another island called Isla Contoy which is the vicinity of Isla Mujeres. This Island is an ecological reserve with more than ninety species of birds and a great variety of flora and fauna.
The turtle farm is another place to visit on Isla Mujeres. It is in the southern part and is the home of giant sea turtles that spawn between the months of May and September.


La hacienda Mundaca was built by Fermin Mundaca who was a pirate and slave trader. He took refuge and settled in Isla Mujeres in 1860 after having faced off against the campaigns of the British Navy. This is another place to visit.
El Garrafon is the natural park in Isla Mujeres and is famous because it is surrounded by a coral reef of shallow and gentle current, inhabited by a lot of multicolored fish. Open daily from 8.30am to 6:30pm.

Dolphin Discovery Isla Mujeres
Dolphin Discovery Isla Mujeres

Dolphin Discovery is a marine park that is located in the southern part of the Island and is where you can have the experience to swim and interact with the dolphins.
The center of Isla Mujeres is another option to know and enjoy walking along its cobbled streets, knowing its church, the main square, the municipal palace, the house of culture, as well as choosing one of the many and diverse restaurants to eat or dine. Also in the center you can find a lot of craft stores to buy the souvenir you have to carry.
Isla Mujeres is an excellent recommendation to visit, so you do not miss it and enjoy it.

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Cancun International Airport, what you have to know

All airports in the world are created differently. If you plan to visit Cancun, Playa del Carmen or The Riviera Maya, you have to arrive to Cancun international airport. This airport is located 10 miles from the city of Cancun, and is considered the second most important in Mexico due to the number of visits it receives from international flights. This airport operates 71 airlines, offering 110 destinations. Here we give you some information about the most outstanding of this airport.

terminal 2 Cancun Airport
terminal 2 Cancun Airport

Formerly, the Cancun airport was very small, but currently has three terminals. Terminal 1 is for charter flights and private flights, terminal 2 is for all national and some international airlines. Terminal 3 is international flights only.

Terminal 1 Cancun Airport
Terminal 1 Cancun Airport

If you do not have the reservation of your transportation for your hotel, you can take a private or collective taxi from the airport or take the ADO bus that is in the terminal 2. These buses leave you in the center of Cancun and Playa del Carmen. If you want to hire your services of transfers before arriving, you have many options to book it on line. One of them is Canada Transfers which is a well know carrier.
When you go through immigration you will be given an FM-T or Tourist Visa. Do not lose it because, you will need it to leave Mexico. In case you lose it, you will have to pay a fine.

Mexico travel documents - Tourist Visa
Mexico travel documents – Tourist Visa

The airport is not responsible for baggage or goods deposited in the aircraft. If you are missing a piece of luggage or it is damaged, you should contact your airline directly. The airport cannot solve these problems.

Lugagge at the Cancun Airport
Lugagge at the Cancun Airport

Some of the services provided by the Cancun airport facilities include the attention, reporting and car rental modules such as Advantage, Avis, Budget, Alamos, Buster and others. Along the two terminals are the currency exchange offices, ATMs, Public telephones, WIFI services as well as restaurants and bars. In the terminals 2 and 3, there are shops which sell tax-free items. Some of the others services that stand out inside the airport are pharmacies and medication service.
There are also easy access facilities for people with disabilities from bathrooms and wheelchairs to others.
The airport has a large parking area that runs throughout the day. This service has a cost per hour. Inside the airport there are not hotels, however there are some near it. There are buses or vans that can take you there.
It is very important that you know that inside the Cancun airport, there are tourist information desks, but they really are people that hook you to sell you condominium membership. The trick or hook they use to call your attention is give you information on excursions at economic prices, which are conditioned to visit the hotel to promote and show your credit card. We advise you NOT to stop to talk with them, and leave immediately, to look for your transportation which takes you to your hotel or hire it in case you do not have it.

We hope this information has been useful and and important for you.

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Destinations and distances in Riviera Maya and Yucantan Península

The Riviera Maya is a tourist destination in Mexico located in the Caribbean Sea in the state of Quintana Roo. This state at the same time is being part of the Yucatan Peninsula which divides the Gulf of Mexico from the Caribbean Sea. It consists of 3 states which are Yucatan, Quintana Roo, and Campeche.
The Riviera Maya is made up of different destinations as well as the Yucatan peninsula which are recommended to visit and to know.

The way to move and to know these places is renting a car or hiring the services of a taxi from the place where you stay. However there are transportation companies that offer the private services of vans for families or groups that are more comfortable and economical. One of these companies is Canada Transfers, which stands out for its quality and reliability.


PUERTO MORELOS: It is located 10 miles away from Cancún airport and 20 miles from the city. The place has an offer with a great variety of hotels and restaurants with economic prices. Its main attractions are its beaches and its national reef park, which is a protected natural area with its barrier reef which is located very short distance from its beaches.

PLAYA DEL CARMEN: It is the biggest and cosmopolitan city of the Riviera Maya. It is located 42 miles from the city of Cancun. . It is a city in constant growth that offers a wide range of hotels of diverse categories. It is very famous its main pedestrian avenue called the fifth avenue with 2.5 miles full of shops and restaurants. Playacar is a residential complex where the main hotels and beautiful beaches are located.
PUERTO AVENTURAS: It is a tourist and residential development that has the most complete marina of the Yucatan Peninsula. It is located 54 miles from Cancun and 11 miles from Playa del Carmen. Its beaches are very famous for its beauties and it has a 9 hole golf course.

AKUMAL: It is a tourist place of low density hotel and residential. It is located 65 miles from Cancun and 23 miles from Playa del Carmen. The lagoon of Yalku is to the north of the population and is a suitable place for the practice of the snorkel. To the northwest are several cenotes for diving or swimming. To the south of Akumal to 2.5 miles is Aktun Chen, a cave with formations of stalactites and stalagmites and a cenote in its interior.

TULUM: It is one of the most important archaeological zones of imposing beauty located on the shores of the Caribbean Sea. It is located 81 miles away from Cancun, 39 miles from Playa del Carmen, and 27 miles from Coba. Tulum has a good and varied hotel offer, as well as restaurants. To the west are several cenotes and the ruins of Coba.

COBA: It is a smaller archaeological zone than Tulum and Chichen Itza that has the highest pyramid of the others with a height of 42 meters from where you can observe a stunning and beautiful view of the Mayan jungle. It is located 107 miles away from Cancún, 65 miles from Playa del Carmen and 27 miles from Tulum.
SIAN KA’AN BIOSPHERE RESERVATION: It is a protected natural space that is located on the Caribbean coast near the town of Tulum. It was declared Patrimony of Humanity by Unesco in 1987. It is located 112 miles away from Cancún, 70 miles from Playa del Carmen and 30 miles from Tulum.
ARCHEOLOGICAL SITES: Chichen Itza and Uxmal. They are two of the best known and visited archaeological sites in the state of Yucatan. The distance between the two places is 124 miles The distance from Cancun to Chichen Itza is 111 miles and to Uxmal is 238 miles. From Playa del Carmen to Chichen Itza is 113 miles away,and to Uxmal 228 miles. From Tulum to Chichen Itzá 94 miles and to Uxmal 210 miles.

CITIES: Mérida, Valladolid and Progreso are the main cities of the state of Yucatan. The distance between Cancun and Valladolid is 97 miles. From Cancun to Merida is 188 miles and from Cancun to Progreso is 212 miles.

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Cultural tourism at the Riviera Maya

The Riviera Maya comprises 63 miles of beach and jungle; Besides a natural, historical and cultural wealth.
A characteristic that stands out in this region are the cultural places and activities that you can do and visit. And every year arrive more tourists to these places. Among the places and cultural events we have the archaeological zones, the Mayan ceremonies, the visit to the Mayan communities to know their uses and customs, the park xcaret, the caverns and sacred cenotes among others.


Along the Riviera Maya are two of the main archaeological sites to visit and to know. There are different companies that offer the services of organized excursions to take you to these places. An option to consider is Canada Transfers which specializes in private excursions for small groups, making this private service more comfortable and flexible.

The archaeological sites are: TULUM AND COBA. The two places can be visited in a private service the same day as they are only 29 miles away from each other. (43min)
PLAYA DEL CARMEN: It is a place that every year carries out different cultural and artistic events, among which are the BPM festival (the electronic music festival), the jazz festival, the Riviera Maya film festival, the Beach fair Del Carmen in the month of July, the gay festival in the month of May, the holy week and more events throughout the year.


XCARET: This park offers a cultural folkloric show every night which is already included in the entrance. Also they have two cultural events during the year that stand out from others and they are: The sacred Mayan crossing that is realized in the month of May. And the festival of traditions of life and death from October 30 to November 2.


There are organized or private excursions to visit the MAYAN COMMUNITIES in which you have the opportunity to interact with them to know their customs and customs. You can also visit and know the CAVES AND SACRED CENOTES where you can swim, dive and snorkel while you know its environment full of mystery and silence. MAYAN CEREMONIES are rituals that the supreme priests of the community perform to the visitors with a mystical sense of purification and protection.

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Archaeological sites not so known in the Riviera Maya

In the state of Quintana Roo. where the Riviera Maya is located, there are archaeological zones not so well known and, therefore little visited that are part of the architectural vestige of Mayan culture. The most known and visited in the state are Tulum and Coba. The first with an average of visits per year of more than one million people and Coba with 600,000 visitors a year. The least known and visited are:

SAN GERVASIO: These ruins are located on the island of Cozumel and was a sanctuary of the Mayan fertility goddess “Ixchel” and the Mayan pilgrimage center that visited her to worship.

EL MECO: It is located in the municipality of Isla Mujeres on the Puerto Juárez road. The original name in Maya language is not known. . It was a point of reference for coastal navigation and for the interior of the adjacent lagoon. Its strategic location in front of Isla Mujeres makes it a port of connection with the Island.


XCARET: It was the settlement of a Mayan community dedicated to maritime commerce and an important port of navigation towards other coastal entities. It was also a ceremonial center of great importance. It is located inside the park that bears the same name.

EL REY: It is located in the hotel zone of Cancun at kilometer 18. The original name in Maya language is not known. It was one of the main ports on the Caribbean coast along with the ports of Xcaret, Xel ha and Tulum.
It is formed of 47 structures and murals with drawings associated with Mayan rituals. After the arrival of the Spanish, the place was abandoned by the Mayans.


SAN MIGUELITO: This archaeological zone is second in importance after the El Rey ruins. They are located at km 16 of the Kukulkan boulevard. In these ruins is located the Mayan museum of Cancun, which exhibits numerous pieces about the Mayan culture.


XEL HA: had a great maritime importance, as well as direct access to arrive at Coba that at that time was one of the most powerful realms. Its building of the birds has painted murals, and there is a painting of a jaguar welcoming the place. The ruins are located within the park that has the same name and the cost to visit them does not include the services of the park.

To know these interesting places we recommend that if you are in Cancun you can take the local bus from the hotel zone that takes you to the ruins that are located right there. If you are in the Riviera Maya you can take the bus from the Playa del Carmen bus terminal to Cancun. Also if you travel in a group or family you have the option of hiring a private van that gives you the comfort of looking for you where you stay and the convenience of doing it at the most convenient time for you. For the ruins that are in Xelha or Xcaret you can do it in the same excursion that you hire to visit these parks that are very beautiful. Canada Transfers is a private transportation and tour company that can help you to choose the option that suits you best.

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A port full of life: Puerto Morelos

Puerto Morelos is a quiet and friendly fishing village that is located 22 miles from the city of Cancun. Its bohemian atmosphere and full of tranquility on its beaches and its streets, attract visitors from all over the world, many of which have made it their home. Certainly when you visit it will also seduce you with its charm of natural beauty and hospitality.

HOTELS: The lodging in Puerto Morelos has a variety of offers for all budgets ranging from guest house to luxury all inclusive hotels.

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RESTAURANTS: Puerto Morelos restaurants during the day offer a variety of fresh fish and seafood located on the beach. During the night you can choose among many restaurants, cafes and loncheries located around the main square.

ACTIVITIES TO DO: The coast of Puerto Morelos is part of the Marine National Park, which makes it ideal for diving and snorkeling. Fishing is also an important activity with a lot of marine fauna. There are also many ecotourism excursions; Mountain bikes, ziplining through the jungle, exploring the cenotes or getting to know the local wildlife.

THE CENOTES ROUTE: This route is made up of 26 miles of road connecting the towns of Puerto Morelos-Central Vallarta-Leona Vicario. Along this route you access to several cenotes, which are nourished by underground rivers. Almost all of them can be visited and swim in its waters surrounded by a lush jungle. In this same route is an ecological recreational park that has zip lines, bicycles and access to a cenote.

ZOOLOGICO DE CROCODRILOS: One mile from Puerto Morelos is a crocodile farm of various species and sizes. Also in captivity can be observed boas, deer, spider monkeys, ocelots, being possible to interact with some species.

HORSE BACK RIDING: Three miles away is a coastal ranch where you can go horseback riding in the jungle and coast.

ATV’s: In the town of Puerto Morelos you can rent four-wheelers and take the route along the route of the cenotes.

CYCLING: Whether in the jungle or in the village you can do mountain biking. Since vehicular traffic almost does not exist.

FISHING TOURNAMENT: This is held every year at the end of May and is a high-level fishing tournament.

MUSIC FESTIVAL: In the house of the culture of Puerto Morelos frequent festivales of music are realized in the main square.

THEATER FESTIVAL: Every year during the month of April there is an international theater festival in front of the sea, organized by the house of culture.

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