Archaeological sites not so known in the Riviera Maya

Archaeological sites not so known in the Riviera Maya

In the state of Quintana Roo. where the Riviera Maya is located, there are archaeological zones not so well known and, therefore little visited that are part of the architectural vestige of Mayan culture. The most known and visited in the state are Tulum and Coba. The first with an average of visits per year of more than one million people and Coba with 600,000 visitors a year. The least known and visited are:

SAN GERVASIO: These ruins are located on the island of Cozumel and was a sanctuary of the Mayan fertility goddess “Ixchel” and the Mayan pilgrimage center that visited her to worship.

EL MECO: It is located in the municipality of Isla Mujeres on the Puerto Juárez road. The original name in Maya language is not known. . It was a point of reference for coastal navigation and for the interior of the adjacent lagoon. Its strategic location in front of Isla Mujeres makes it a port of connection with the Island.


XCARET: It was the settlement of a Mayan community dedicated to maritime commerce and an important port of navigation towards other coastal entities. It was also a ceremonial center of great importance. It is located inside the park that bears the same name.

EL REY: It is located in the hotel zone of Cancun at kilometer 18. The original name in Maya language is not known. It was one of the main ports on the Caribbean coast along with the ports of Xcaret, Xel ha and Tulum.
It is formed of 47 structures and murals with drawings associated with Mayan rituals. After the arrival of the Spanish, the place was abandoned by the Mayans.


SAN MIGUELITO: This archaeological zone is second in importance after the El Rey ruins. They are located at km 16 of the Kukulkan boulevard. In these ruins is located the Mayan museum of Cancun, which exhibits numerous pieces about the Mayan culture.


XEL HA: had a great maritime importance, as well as direct access to arrive at Coba that at that time was one of the most powerful realms. Its building of the birds has painted murals, and there is a painting of a jaguar welcoming the place. The ruins are located within the park that has the same name and the cost to visit them does not include the services of the park.

To know these interesting places we recommend that if you are in Cancun you can take the local bus from the hotel zone that takes you to the ruins that are located right there. If you are in the Riviera Maya you can take the bus from the Playa del Carmen bus terminal to Cancun. Also if you travel in a group or family you have the option of hiring a private van that gives you the comfort of looking for you where you stay and the convenience of doing it at the most convenient time for you. For the ruins that are in Xelha or Xcaret you can do it in the same excursion that you hire to visit these parks that are very beautiful. Canada Transfers is a private transportation and tour company that can help you to choose the option that suits you best.

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